Hi! Nerdy Assassin here with some top tips for dealing with online bullies.

Everyone jokes around with their friends. Sometimes we say things that hurt each other’s feelings, even if we think we’re being funny. Friends apologise and never do it again. Bullies will keep on doing it, even if (or especially if) you ask them to stop.

Bullying can happen in person or online. Sometimes people say more hurtful things online than they would ever say in person. If it causes you to feel upset and it keeps happening, this is bullying. And you don’t have to take it.

Here are 5 things to do if you are being bullied online:

  1. Don’t retaliate!

    You might want to say mean things right back but don’t do it. It only fuels the bully’s power trip. You have more power if you don’t respond!

  2. Talk to an adult.

    It can be your parents, a teacher or coach, aunt or uncle – any adult that you trust.

  3. Check your privacy settings.

    If you use social media apps, they have settings to control who sees your posts and who can comment or send you messages. You can also block people, so you don’t have to see or hear what they’re doing.

  4. Report the bullying as harmful content.

    Most apps have an option to report bad or harmful stuff. The people in charge of the app can then remove it or even block the person from using the app.

  5. Take screenshots for evidence.

    It might help to have screenshots in case the person bullying you deletes what they posted. They might deny doing it at all so it’s a good idea to have proof.

Image of a kid on laptop

If you do these things you can put a stop to the bullying. Trying to get revenge will only make it go on longer, and sometimes it can get really out of control until no one can remember how or why it started in the first place!

If you see other people being bullied, call out the bully while being kind. Bullies usually do it because they have had bad things happen in their life. Your words can make a difference – use your power wisely.

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