Being confident is like having a superhero’s shield. Things other people say or do can’t hurt you because if you KNOW they’re wrong, the bad stuff just bounces right off! Bullies pick on people who seem weak and vulnerable – they don’t want to mess with a confident kid. When you’re confident, you feel secure and know that you can handle whatever the day throws at you.

Start practicing these steps and see how you feel!

  1. Believe in yourself.

    This is what’s called self-esteem. It’s about being proud of yourself and knowing you can make good decisions. Whenever you start to say, “I can’t” change it to “I can.”

  2. Always stick to the truth.

    If you’re always truthful, no one will ever doubt your word. When lies are revealed it makes people lose trust in you or not want to be your friend. Honesty really is the best policy.

  3. Take care of yourself.

    Eat healthy food so you have energy. Play outside and get some exercise. Try a new sport - you might be really good at it, or you might trip over your own feet, but at least you were brave enough to try!

  4. Be the real you.

    Everyone has their own personality, and no one is perfect! Just be you. Let people see your silly mistakes or weird things that you like. You will feel good about yourself and your confidence will grow.

  5. Help your friends and family.

    Helping other people feels good. And when you feel good, you feel confident. Others will know they can rely on you.

Image of kids in the classroom

Being confident is not about being better than anyone else – it’s about feeling good about yourself. The best part is it can make other people feel good about themselves too!

Share these tips with your friends and help each other to be more confident. You’ll be unstoppable!